AODS provides end-to-end technology solutions to our clients.  Our professionals are disciplined and skilled in the design, development, deployment and management of complex technical solutions. 
Our seasoned professionals provide consulting services on a number of software
processes and technologies.  We can provide project management, solutions and/or resources to help your organization meet its demanding goals.  In today's market, time is of the essence.  Technology is moving fast and retaining resources with these expertise's are becoming more challenging.  We can help in all aspects of your project.  We believe that Time to Market is a key in providing the ultimate solution.  Weather gathering requirements, managing tasks, evaluating solutions, or producing turnkey solutions, AODS is your solution for maximizing ROI.
DNA is our leading-edge solution that provide immediate ROI for Mission Critical Solutions. This product promotes reduced time to market
Aurora is AODS latest product line addition.  This new solutions utilized the powers of DNA and leading edge internet solutions.  DNA gives the maximum ROI in Enterprise solutions.  We are reusing and building on the technology to provide a new web experience.
One of the continuous challenges for companies today is providing quality training for its resources.  To be successful and keep a leading edge on your competitors, your staff must constantly stay abreast of today's technologies and processes.  While trying to provide solutions, this can be a tedious task.