What We Do
AODS is an organization dedicated to providing mission critical solutions for today's demanding tasks.  We use leading-edge technology to provide innovative solutions.  AODS is determined to provide complete customer satisfaction and maximize ROI.  We use technologies from industry leaders
 including Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Quest, Adobe, Cincom, GemStone and Macromedia.
Where We Deliver
AODS provides solutions that target a broad industry spectrum which includes Banking, Healthcare, Government, Education, Utilities, Telecommunications and Media.

Our Vision
Over the next decade, we will become one of the leading providers of leading-edge solutions through technology.  Through our expertise's and our partners, we will give our customers the maximum advantage over their perspective markets. We will remember lessons of past to drive success of future.

Corporate Headquarters
1000 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Suite 6297
Suwanee, Georgia  30024
770.831.1347 or 1.866.511.0898

Company History
Founded: 1997